Clinical Pilates



Clinical or therapeutic Pilates. A complete exercise method that emphasizes correct posture ,central core stabilization, breathing, balance, muscle control, strength and flexibility. Clinical Pilates treats musculoskeletal disorders for all ages and is applied only by therapists certified in this method.

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Clinical Pilates is a type of Physiotherapy. Pilates method has been modernized fully in our days, along with the progress in physical therapy, Neurosciences and physical medicine rehabilitation. It can be used autonomously, or in conjuction with other means of physiotherapy like laser, electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound etc., especially for treating the problems of the back, the neck and the limbs.

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Clinical Pilates can fight the pain, as it aims to strengthening the muscles stabilizing the trunk and achieving balance, not only by fighting the symptoms that cause pain but fully addressing the cause of the pain itself. Studies show that the method of clinical Pilates can prove very helpful even for the treatment of multiple sclerosis mainly in maintaining a good physical condition for the patient.